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Full Version: Alphabetical 1960s song game:
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ok, so I thought i'd try another game...
lets see how it goes...

its quite simple,
I start with a song from the 1960s that begins with the letter "A",
someone else then follows with a 1960s song that starts with a "B" and so one...
once we get to "Z", we go back around again starting with "A"...

not sure how it will go, but lets see where it takes us...

first off:

A Hard Day's Night - Beatles
Barbara Ann - Beach Boys

I'm out when we get to X
Come Tomorrow - Manfred Mann
Daydream Believer - The Monkees
Eight Days A Week - Beatles

Goodbye - Mary Hopkin

If I Can Dream - Elvis Presley:
if not my favourite Presley track, it would most certainly be in my top two or three...

just read this was written about the girl who would be Mick Fleetwood's wife

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