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Full Version: recalling songs on an album
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Does anyone know the technical term for; when listening to an album that you haven't heard in a long time, but you are able to know what the next song is?
Perhaps the term "pegging" can be used, but there has to be a more meaningful term.
Welcome aboard the Great MD, Thunder! As to your question...Deja Vu (already seen) comes to mind...but Deja Entendu (already heard) is appropriate in this case. Our brains store long term memories which we can readily recall! If I listen to an album a lot I know the song sequence. If I listen to something that I haven't heard for awhile the deja entendu kicks in..a surreal feeling! Interesting question Thunder!
think it's called remembering
Another classic retort from MH! Brilliant...
hoe come we never picked up on that MH comment back then????