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I want to introduce an alternative to the artist/album association game. I often have trouble finding a continuation in that game without taking the easy way out and using the artist's name as the link.

This game is based around song titles, but album titles can be used as well. This should make it easier to find a continuation, but the rules are a little tighter.


(1) Each entry must be the name of a song or album, in the format

<artist> - <title>

(2) There must be at least one word in common with the preceding entry. Extension of words are allowed, e.g. "run" -> "runner" or "running". A word can include the previous word, eg. if the previous entry contains the word "cold" you can post something by Coldplay.

(3) Words like "the", "a", "in", "of" etc don't count. Use your common sense here.

(4) Words in the artist/band name can be used as the link, but only if they appear in the other one as part of a song title. You cannot link artist to artist.

(5) Using the same artist as the preceding entry is allowed, as long as there are also words in common in the song titles.

eg. The Beatles - She Loves You

could be followed by

The Beatles - I Want You (She's So Heavy) ("she" and "you" are common)

but not by

The Beatles - Let It be

(6) Repeating someone else's post will earn a rap over the knuckles. Please allow a reasonable amount of time (eg a few days or a few pages of posts) before posting a song title that has already been posted.

Extra points for multiple links or for shared themes. In rare circumstances if there is a common theme the rules about linked words can be relaxed, e.g. I would allow "Breakfast at Sweetheart's" to be followed by "Dinner at the Ritz".

Feel free to add any additional information about the song or album if you are so inclined.


I'll start the ball rolling with:

Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run
can you use extensions of words like: run - runner/running or love - lover/loving or do you want it specific mate?
Lady Gaga - "born this way"


CRAZY-HORSE Wrote:can you use extensions of words like: run - runner/running or love - lover/loving or do you want it specific mate?
Yes I think those extensions are acceptable; I'll amend the rules accordingly.


CRAZY-HORSE Wrote:Lady Gaga - "born this way"
Queen - Radio Gaga
Sex Pistols - "God save the Queen"


well CH, I hope it's not going to be just the two of us...

The Beach Boys - God Only Knows
I was just thinking the same thing bob_32....!

Paul McCartney "only mama knows"
mama done told me-the miracles
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