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Full Version: Instrament Choice
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Hi everyone! I wanted some opinions on a current predicament i'm in. I've been playing drums and guitar for a couple (~3) years and notice i'm not getting much better at guitar. Drums, i play everyday and notice myself learning all the time, while, with guitar, i feel as though i'm playing the same scales and doing the same exercises over and over and not gaining much from it. A couple months ago, i decided i wanted to learn how to play piano, and in doing so have gained a new and exciting understanding of music.
Should i continue to play guitar, with which i feel minimal progress, or should i take some time away from guitar and learn piano to give me a new perspective on music and come back to guitar in a couple months? I'm a student so it's kind of hard to play and practice more than two instruments at any given time.
Play everything you can. It opens up your head to new ideas.