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I presume everyone knows what an earworm is - a tune that stays in your head for hours, days, even longer.

Some unfortunate people have that happen with tunes they can't stand. Luckily for me, it always seems to be tunes I like, at least a little bit.

Post your earworms here.

My current one is this, from shoegaze band Chapterhouse:

with me theyre mostly songs I cannot stand, but they just randomly appear about of the blue and get stuck in my head for days...
the worst part is, when I post them now I can guarantee i'll be humming them for the next few days so...
Damn you bob_32 for bringing the subject up!

I hate this song with a passion, but I own the studio album from which it came on vinyl

I do like this song when im in the mood, but squeaky clean Karen and Richard Carpenter always irritated me

Olivia Newton John is another artist that irritates me, and also is so squeaky clean that "butter wouldn't melt in her mouth"...
I love her singles up to and including the Grease soundtrack songs but after that...forget it, theyre annoyingly catchy and I dislike them
with a passion:

another one that just springs to mind is this doozy from Kylie Minogue, the "na na na" is so annoying that like the title suggests "i cant get you out of my head)
listen to this one at your own peril people!

BTW bob_32,

thanks to you I now have "na na na", "la la la la la la", "from the day that you were born, the angels..." and "lets get physical, physical, I wanna get physical, lets get into..."
stuck in my head...

if I knew where you lived youd now be receiving a letter bomb in the mail...LOL
if I tire of an earworm I just replace it with another


Looks like I've opened a can of worms here...
American Pie by Don McLean comes and goes constantly!
Don't want get earworm, so I am not going to hear any of them...
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