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Full Version: The new project
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And the first track of 'Tides' is here - posted this before but maybe some of the newbies might be curious -
Right, here is the opening piece to a project ('Scenes' - The Winter Sequence) I shelved many moons ago and am now revisiting. This is the first track and only really an intro of sorts - not a theme in it's own right. The meat and potatoes stuff comes later. I have struggled with this mix over the years (I bloody hate mixing) and to me it always comes across as harsh/brittle but no matter what I do it does not seem to improve. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to sling some mud. It will eventually (and hopefully) seamlessly merge with the next track and then off we go into Disneyland.
^Sounds perfectly fine to me. You say brittle, I say cool and icy, which seems appropriate for things wintry. Lovely stuff. 
Step away from the easel! Lol!
Thx Ruby - you have restored my confidence in huwomanity. I'm glad it comes across as icy - it's supposed to - it's called 'Polar Storm' after all. And as for stepping away - you are one hundred percent correct - I am always trying to 'perfect' things - sometimes you just have to let things go - good advice! We can now move on to the next track. Praise the Lord and pass the Brunello........
OMG what is happening to me, could it be instrumental music speaks to me because:

I cant hear or feel "the storm" but I can hear/feel the "ice"....!!!!!
You really need to get that heating bill paid CH! Thx anyway - going to spend the rest of the day working on this project. Let's see where we end up - might even have another track done by sundown.

And you are far more accurate than you think - I initially had a wind effect building up with the music but because it was conflicting with other instruments that are in the same frequency range I had to cut it from the mix - I left just the tail end wisping away towards the end. So you are spot on - the storm effect is indeed missing - I thought the music itself could build to a crescendo and that would represent the 'storm' so to speak. Amazing what people pick up on. You learn something every day.
BTW - this does not really slot into the 'Electronica' thread but seeing as this particular thread exists I decided to just continue with the one thread as opposed to starting a new one. Incidentally, while there are electronic instruments & synths, there are also very real drums, bass, piano, guitar, strings (violin & cello), acoustics and percussion all over the project as well as some sampled instruments (VST's etc.) as well as natural sound effects taken from sample libraries (jungle sounds, birds, waves and wind). It's going to be a real eclectic mix of stuff if I ever get it finished!
put it this way Jerome, im no expert on these instrumental things by any means, but the track was on par with what was on the Vangelis album i posted the other day,
so there you go, you can take that as a compliment.
Thx for the moral support my man. Just posted the entire 'winter' sequence on my site. Track 1 is Polar Storm, 2 is Across the Siberian Plain (which you have already heard) and 3 is Below Zero. All three now rolled into one. Next comes the Spring sequence - still plenty to do on that one. Going to be a far more lively and rhythmic affair.
im thinking Autumn and Spring would sound beautiful.
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