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Full Version: The new project
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^Yep - the times they is a changin'!

My mouse police seems to sleep rather a lot. Actually, he's more of a dead leaf police if the truth be told! Lol!
(27-08-2020, 19:19)SteveO Wrote: [ -> ]I would certainly enjoy listening to your new composition J Man !

Thx SteveO - it's not earth shattering stuff. Just a couple of loosely-related instrumental electronic themes thrown together. Anyway, I hope you enjoy listening to it when I finally get it finished. Send me an email and I will send you a high-quality wave file (32-bit float) when I have part 1 sewn up. Part 2 is going to take a few more months to complete. Taking a few weeks leave to work on part 2 in the coming days. Lockdown has it's advantages...
Right, been at it all night (no not that - the project). Will be wrapping up Ebb & Flow Part One later today and posting sometime tonight - right now I have to get some sleep - the sun is coming up and I have to crawl back into the coffin. Too de loo and then too de bed.
looking forward to the final product Jerome.
Right, the electronic monkey that is 'Ebb & Flow Part One' is finally off my back. I will revisit volume levels etc. once my ear fatigue has subsided and I have a more objective view but this is the meat and bones of part one of my new electronic baby. It was a painful birth. I will apply the make-up later once I have had some shuteye. Same place as always. BTW use page up and page down to navigate the site - there's a glitch with the pages that I still have to find the time to sort out. Headphones only at this stage. Only for electronic loving geeks and other assorted nut-jobs.;%20flow
im a nut-job according to Dani so i'll give it a go sometime this week mate
Believe me it's not your thing CH. But have a listen by all means.
Ideas come from the craziest places. I went for a walk this morning and while on my travels I passed a pedestrian crossing. All the pedestrian crossings here have an audible pulse for visually impaired folk. As I approached the crossing I could hear the pulse getting louder and louder but the sound was a little wonky - the thing is obviously not working properly but it gave me an idea for Ebb & Flow Part 2 which I will be exploring later today - recorded the thing on my phone so I have a sample to work from. And listening to the birds while walking around gave me an idea for the ending of the album.
geez...jerome using "samples", what next??? "ebb and flow pt: II" Jerome Disney featuring Nikki Minaj and Some Lil Dude (complete with extensive rap sheet) LOL
Busy working on the first movement of Ebb & Flow Part 2 and it's developing quite quickly. Normally it takes me ages to come up with new ideas but today they are coming faster than I can put them down on disc. The ideas fairy must have visited last night.
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