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Ooh thx sweetie - I'll take that as a compliment - even if it's only from a girl! Jokes aside, it's not meant to be an earth shattering musical statement. Just a bit of synth and drums experimental fun. Wanted to start with something a bit vibey before we get into the more interesting parts. Really a showcase for Simon's abilities and the synths are playing second fiddle. My parts are the canvas - his are the colours that go on top. And hopefully they create a picture that someone enjoys looking at. Busy prepping the next part.
I listened to the six and a half minutes of the drum/synth piece...
had enough changes in tempo/sound of the synths to keep me there till the end J-man.
thought the drumming was a bit "sterile/clinical" in places. (not sure if that's the right descriptive adjective??)

overall though, held my interest in a genre im not really comfortable with, and that's a positive.
Fair enough CH. Each one hears different things. There is quite lot going on around the drumkit on this track but at the same time he's also allowing other elements of the track to come through. If he's too flashy then it will drown out some of the other things going on. He has changed a couple of things from the original brief and some are better and some are worse. But at the end of the day it's an accomplished live drummer doing what he does. I can't tell you how many drummers I have tried over the years and only a handful are actually capable of doing the one thing they need to be able to do more than anything else. Keep proper timing. It's the subtle hits and fills that I look for - that's what makes music work or not. Hey, it's just a simple piece of music - it's no magnum opus. And it keeps me occupied which is a good thing. Without some creative outlet I would go completely nuts. LOL
looking forward to hearing the next thing....
To me, the drumming is a sort of lattice, and his timing is impeccable. Makes all the difference - anchors everything. Also looking forward to the next one, even although only a girl. Big Grin
Yes only a girl. But what a girl....! A rare bird indeed.

A lattice! Now there's an interesting thought. One thing about you Ruby - you always make me think.
Going to get stuck into part 2 of Thought Patterns today. If I can finish that today the files go off to Simon for his input, assuming he's not tied up with other stuff. Lot's of other stuff going on as well. The Ebb & Flow project is coming along nicely as well so I have to devote some time to that one too. Great thing about lockdowns is that you can't go anywhere so I will be spending all that time in my home studio. Let's see if we can actually get something done today. All radios and TV's are off because I am sick to death of hearing about C19.

I owe
I owe
It's off to work I go...
no excuses or distractions now Jerome
time to crack that whip
Mr. Phillips will be doing the second track some time this week coming. Let's see what happens...
(03-04-2020, 09:36)CRAZY-HORSE Wrote: [ -> ]no excuses or distractions now Jerome
time to crack that whip

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But whips and chains excite me...
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