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Full Version: The new project
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Will be away from the forum for a while. Going to concentrate on finishing some projects over the next few weeks/months so I will be 'disconnecting' for a time. Also some travelling on the cards as well. Have fun and be good. Daddy does not want to find the place a mess when he gets back. Adios for now.
good luck on your journeys and 'projects' mate

stay safe, stay well and don't do anything I wouldn't do
Project is a lot further down the road than the sample on my site but it will give all those interested in electronic music an idea of what is coming. Same old place -
so youre officially back off your sojourn Jerome?

and I will listen to your latest link tomorrow after I return home from my scheduled appointments.
Not really - working on a couple of projects - trying to organize some session musicians - a nightmare. Postponed all travel plans for a while. Thx for listening but it's not really your thing. Probably even less accessible than my previous electronic suite. It's just a fragment of the 'new' project. Still, I am sure someone, somewhere will enjoy it. Each to their own and all that.

I listened to that several sittings,
couldn't manage that amount in one go mate.
like you said, it wasn't my thing but I listened to each bit until I thought
there was a musical change of a fade out.

the bit around 18-25 minutes wasn't too bad
thought that bit could have done with a simple beat for some reason???
but that's my uneducated, non musical background opinion.
No sweat Crazy Man - a work in progress. I will take all your comments into consideration. As for the beat comment, that's exactly what I am working on. That part sounds 'unfinished' to me.
The first track of my 'drums & synths' project which you have all heard before but with drums provided by the one and only Mr. Simon Phillips.  A rough mix at this stage but it's close to where it needs to be. Might remove some superfluous sounds later today.
Forgot to add the page link. Artwork is just a mock-up at this stage. Still needs some tidying up. Go here -
^Sounding really good - and has become an earworm, lol!
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