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Full Version: The new project
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Did some tidying up on the tail end of the new electronic project as it currently stands. Plenty more to come in the next few weeks. Same place as always

Sales of my existing 2 completed projects are picking up!!! Must order that new private jet soon...
...and don't forget the football team
^^I'm not seeing a player on your site Jerome. Could be my navigational skills. Smile
Oops sorry - will stick it up in a few minutes. Busy trying something out with the pages.

(01-01-2020, 22:34)Music Head Wrote: [ -> ]...and don't forget the football team

And the groupies too!!!
Love the opening ‘washes’ and particularly like what you’re doing from around 8 minutes on - sounded as though it was building up to something in a march of sorts which I wasn’t expecting to taper off when it did, dammit.  Rolleyes
Very perceptive Ruby - the next piece to come is actually an electronic march of sorts. Something I was fiddling around with many moons ago - and the original file on the drive is called - 'march'. So there you go. You should be a producer. Incidentally my favourite part of the music so far is from 8 to 10 minutes. Total escapism for me.
^Huh! How about that?!
BTW if anyone does listen to this - use headphones. It will not translate to speakers very well at this stage. Once I have the whole damn thing completed I will do a final mix that will (hopefully) work in both scenarios. Before I release anything I listen to the mix on 4 different setups. High end monitors, lo fi speakers, in the car & on headphones. And then find a compromise that will work for all of those. It's a pain to do but it's got to be done. No way around it.
I usually listen to your material under the cans Jerome

i'll listen to your latest piece during the week
I know it's not your thing CH but I appreciate you taking the time. And for the lurkers out there, do not be afraid to comment. Tell me what you do and don't like about it. If either. Criticism is a good thing and I do not mind it at all. In fact it makes me think about where to take the piece or what to leave out or rework. Nobody's perfect. Art is a very subjective thing. One man's bread and all that. And if you happen to be one of the people that has purchased my albums - thank you very much. BTW if you use a streaming service I do not get to see who you are - just a report every month from each of the various streaming services telling me how many copies were sold on each site and on what date. That's why you don't hear from me. If you buy direct from CDBaby I will respond to you directly. And those who have bought directly from CDBaby are getting this next project for free because I have their mails and details etc. An album for a dollar. Can't make it any easier than that.
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