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And after a marathon 20-hour stint experimenting with different sounds and gizmos the autumnal sequence of 'scenes' is almost finito. My parts are done. Just a final drum part for Klemen to do and then it's on to the next section. The end is in sight! Time for beddy-byes...
Right here's a rough mix of 'Biorhythmic' - you have already heard the first part so here's the whole thing, complete with an ambient/avant garde middle section to link the main two parts together. Don't ask!!! Nothing expresses biorhythms quite like the addition of a digeridoo! Can be found at the landing page Still have to clean up the last section - needs some EQ and comb filtering before it's done but you will get the general idea. OK I am off to therapy class now.....
who's playing the Digeridoo, you ?????
No. The closest I have come to a digeridoo is the one hanging on the wall in a local pub. It's a sample from an ethic instruments library which I bought many moons ago. Have to say something still bugs me about this piece but I can't tell what it is. Oh well - it is what it is. Sometimes things just don't work out the way you'd like them to. Some elements of the track are quite good (I think), and then other bits and pieces just don't work at all but I can't decide which is the offending parts(s). Might be too many elements in the track methinks.
i'll give it a listen this afternoon after work, maybe a different set of ears may hear something different, or the bloody obvious????
just so I listen to the right piece, is it the one at the top of the home page that is 52:04 in length????
Yes it is Crazy. BTW ignore the 52:04 thing. Every time I post a piece and publish it the timer/counter throws up oddball figures which don't relate to the track at all. A glitch in the software I suppose. Don't really know how to fix it??!!??
all good mate, at least i'll listen to the right piece, will get round to it tomorrow after work mate and let you know if I can hear anything that sounds "off" and if anything "bugs me" as a listener!
I did listen to your 'rough mix' of Biorhythmic Jerome,
im no Sir George Martin by any stretch of the imagination but ive heard a million albums over the years and I hear things as a music lover and I know what I like and dislike in the sounds I hear...

I listened to your track twice actually,
first time I preferred the first half over the second half, but I did enjoy it as a whole...
but there was something bugging me about the sound so I listened again and I came to the conclusion that I thought the percussion seemed to be a bit too far in the foreground, I spent my time listening to that as opposed to the entire piece, sort of a distraction,

its no biggie, but that's what I heard and im no expert so ignore me,
anyway, youre the creator/writer of the piece, its your baby Jerome, you know that you want to express in your music,

back to the positive,
the whole piece flowed seamlessly from start to finish, it was very good mate, my favourite of the pieces of yours that ive listened to so far.
Thx for listening CH. You have basically confirmed what I suspected. The problem in the second half is with the percussion. Marc did a great job for me but I suspect it's my mixing that is clouding the issue. I also think there's a bit too much going on in the second section and it's making the mix 'muddy' and difficult to tame. We'll make a mixing engineer out of you yet!!!
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