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Full Version: The new project
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good stuff Jerome...

I think its great that this guy Jackson, does not need to do any work outside of Pink Floyd/Gilmour but still does, just shows
he is dedicated to work and not so far up his own behind to work for the unknown little muso.....

I noticed his resume/CV also contains producing one of my favourite songs on all time in I Don't Like Mondays.
A very level-headed guy is Mr Jackson. A pleasure to work with TBH. Funny that you should mention 'dedicated'. He made mention of the fact that he really enjoys what he does and it shows - listen to any of the Floyd projects that he has been involved with. A class act. He has the luxury of being able to pick and choose what he does so I was quite surprised that he agreed to do my little experiment. I have also ordered his '73 Days at Sea' & 'Signal to Noise' albums. Looking forward to hearing those two.
Andy's site:

Worth reading some of his comments about the loudness race etc.
his comments on "loud" are very similar to something Neil Young said a few years ago, im not saying NY beat him to the punch or realisation of the consequences of "loud" but he figured it out also...

his rates seem quite reasonable, I mean he could probably treble his price with his CV behind him...
that just means to me he is "all about the music"...

sounds like a top notch bloke.
Very much so. I remember NY says something similar some time ago. Mastering cost me around 600 GBP, including physical copies of the material and his own albums as well. Very reasonable rates indeed. There are mastering houses that will charge a lot less but you just know they are just feeding your material through a standard 'one size fits all formula'. You get what you pay for! And his 24 bit files have a lovely sheen to them. I did not think it would make that big a difference but it does and it is noticeable. Well worth every penny.
and at the end of the day when the customer is satisfied....
have sent you an email with my address mate.
A short clip of Klemen laying down some drums for 'The Hypnotic Motion of Tides' project. Very talented man indeed. Unfortunately this clip does not cover the bits where he gets really busy but you will hear it on my site soon enough. Money well spent.
Just got the next batch of drum parts from Klemen. This guy has loads of potential. Will stick it up on the site once I have dropped the kit into the mix.
Right the next couple of months I won't be on the forum much - just an occasional visit from time to time. Busy trying to get the 'Scenes' project finished once and for all. Also started another electronic project similar to 'Esoteric Movements' at the same time and the parts are coming together quite quickly. Lots to do over Sept-Oct-Nov.
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