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Full Version: The new project
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Right here's an ambient interlude from the 'Mountain Mantras' project. This project is all about Everest and is really a sonic interpretation of the different stages involved in mounting an assault on the mountain. This particular piece (the top one of the two) is about negotiating the Khumbu Icefall, one of the most treacherous sections of the mountain. A minimalist soundscape and despite it being quite sparse musically it took a ridiculous amount of time to get it right. You know where to go but for those who don't

BTW sales of the digital stuff on CDBaby continue to grow slowly. Must order that new Porsche today...
^And what colour did you choose??  Big Grin 

Nice and icy that. Desolate. Brrrr.
Whichever one is your favourite my dear.....

I suppose this particular piece will have to be heard in context with the rest of the stuff surrounding it but I'm not quite there yet. Busy working on that right now.
I tried listening to your new piece of music several days ago mate but my internet dropped out as it was loading up,
i'll give it another whirl tomorrow
No sweat CH - have to say, this is one you are REALLY not going to like. Very abstract piece.
Another one up on the site. I have posted this before but have edited it somewhat. Still not 100% happy with this one.
The player says 'Intro'. Is it one?
No it isn't Ruby. I have a lot of trouble with these web-based players. Sometimes they do weird things. I don't see the word intro anywhere???? I also don't see the play and pause buttons from time to time. Who knows what's behind the code on these things. I prefer the player I had with the old web authoring program. This one sucks. Can you take a screenshot and send it on to me if you have the time. Curious as to what you are seeing.
Toned down the concert bass drum somewhat, added some percussive elements and used an analogue synth line at the end to lead it out and into the next track. Does this make sense to anyone but me? Of course not. It's not supposed to. It is what it is. Now on to the next track which has plagued me for years. If I get this one completed the 'Scenes' project will be close to complete.
A couple of new pieces will be appearing over the coming weeks as I am taking some time to finish off things that have been lying around for years.

Same as always
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