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Full Version: The new project
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OK, so the first track of 'Thought Patterns' is finally off my back. Maybe just a touch of EQ required for the final version but it's basically done in terms of instrumentation. Klemen did a drum cover for me of this track but the patterns that Mr. Phillips recorded in Belgium just seemed to fit better so I am going with that version. Besides I have plenty of other tracks that Klemen can look after on other projects. As stated before, this is a project purely for synths and drums. Sales potential - zero. Satisfaction in creating the project - immeasurable. A lot of fun experimenting with different sounds and approaches. The regulars here have all heard this before so just bypass for now until I have tracks 2 and 3 done. Busy with that at the moment and it's coming along nicely. Parts 4 and 5 also in the works but they are going to take a bit of time and effort. Still at the 'where the hell are we going with this' stage. BTW the melody on this track is deliberately simplistic to allow the rhythmic element to come through. I tend to start projects off slowly or with long buildups/anticipation - (think foreplay here) and I wanted something that would grab the attention from the get-go. It is what it is. Moving on swiftly...….
well I listened....

yup, got right into it alright...
was trying to think of a "sounds like..." but I have zero knowledge of electronic music as you know,
but by the 2 minute mark I thought of Dr Who, not that it sounds like the Dr Who theme but it could be used
as part of a Dr Who episode somewhere,sometime?!?!?!
You might not believe this but I have not seen one episode of Dr Who. Don't even know what it is about. I have seen mention of a new female lead for the program and she is intriguing. Maybe I should watch a couple of episodes! Thx for listening CH.
not a problem Jerome, I always listen to the music you post, some I think is intriguing, some I don't care for (as youd expect), but I always listen mate.

the new female lead is drawing a lot of attention, both good and bad, its the first time the role of "the doctor" has gone to a female in 56 years, personally, I wont watch a female Doctor, im stuck in my ways, a traditionalist...

best Doctors IMO were Tom Baker (1974-1981) and Peter Capaldi (2014-2017), but that's my opinion

and im surprised you've never watched Dr Who Jerome?!?!?
No, never watched it. Sounds like I must be the only person who has not seen it! Having said that I really enjoyed playing 'Doctor Doctor' in my youth...…...
Never mind Black Friday - or any other day for that matter - if you would like a free copy of any of my first 2 projects, drop a line to and I will send you a link to download whichever one you would like, or both - no charge. Hey, I can't make it any easier than that. Offer is valid for 48 hours. After that you are subject to the normal market forces. BTW - those who have already purchased the first two projects get the next one free anyway. A couple of months away but it's coming.
i would but I don't do downloads mate...
offer physical copies and i'll purchase for sure
I would say don't be Crazy but you are Crazy anyway!!! No need to purchase anything. I will send you some CD's in the not too distant future. I am actually remastering both projects as we type. And a bit of buggering around with the artwork as well. A couple of people have been asking for physical copies so I had better get them done.

BTW I use two DAW's for my projects - all MIDI stuff is done in Sonar (or was). They were owned by Gibson who decided they were not going to develop the program anymore. Dratty Pooh! So I have replaced that with Presonus Studio One v4. The audio side (mixing and mastering ) will still be done in the Samplitude ProX suite. I have been downloading all the content for Studio One over the last couple of DAYS - that's how much there is. Seems pretty good but I will have to take a few weeks to learn the ins and outs. Another mountain to climb...
^^Ditto what CH said.
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