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Full Version: The new project
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Stuck a piece of music up on the home page. One of a number of tracks I am working on at present. This is called 'The Great Expanse' - the opening track from 'The Hypnotic Motion of Tides' - a project all about the sea and all things related to it. I have quite a few tracks done on this one at present but I need to replace the sampled drums with real parts. Enter Klemen Markelj. Going to be doing quite a bit of work with this guy in the future.
^It sounds good - real drums or not.
Thank you my dear. You're such a honey.
Aaaaarrrggh - one of the drives in my home studio has given up the ghost. Fortunately most of the material is backed up on a local server but there are one or two tracks that I do not have the latest copies of, including Klemen's drum parts. Note to idiot self - MUST BACK UP EVERY DAY YOU DIM DAFT MORON!!! Oh well off we go to the data recovery specialists - there goes another few grand...…weep, weep.
ok, that sounds pretty frustrating Jerome but please explain something to this dim-witted layman who is reading your post
ie: what are 'data recovery specialists',

sounds to me like they can recovery data from something after it has been wiped/destroyed (am I in the ballpark????)
You got it in one CH. They can recover data from malfunctioning drives, drives that have been erased or even formatted drives. In my case the drive has 'died' - i.e. the operating system does not recognize it as a functioning drive. They can be quite pricey but it depends on what you want to spend.
When looking at who's online and what they are reading (as I always do) - I noticed that someone keeps printing this particular thread. ??????
I always look also Jerome...never noticed or even knew there was an icon (or whatever) to know someone was printing...
that would either be a question for MH or Ruby I guess???
^^That's strange. There are a lot of bots trawling around but they wouldn't print. I haven't a clue!

Edit: maybe they would. Grabbed the IP of one which was all over the place, and it's reported in the checkers as spam, so it's gone now. There will doubtless be many more. Oh joy!
Good to know though - I never bother with the expanded who's online and wouldn't have noticed. Oops.
Next time I see it I will take a screen grab. Does not happen often but I have noticed it occasionally.
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