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I thought a cool thread might be one designed to pay tribute to various musicians on their respective dates of birth - whether living or past. There are birthday lists all over the www and we all know how to access them … so … as often as possible, I’m going to pick a muso who was born on ‘this’ day and post a clip of something of theirs that I enjoy.

Looking forward to seeing others’ choices here too!

To start off with then - George Harrison who was born on 24 February 1943.

Daniel Powter, born 25 February 1971. He had a huge hit with “Bad Day” (which was released a decade back – is it really that long ago?!), and has since made 4 studio albums although nothing seems to have come close to the success of that first single.


In other news - Elkie Brooks turns 67 today, and Enrico Caruso was born on this day 142 years ago.
Stewart Wood, born 25 February 1957
of Bay City Rollers
#1 UK hit in 1975 with this
I much prefer the Four Seasons version but it none of their birthdays

^Nothing wrong with wandering off track! That’s where the good stuff is found. I listened to the Fours Seasons' version, and get your point!

Jonathan Cain – born 26 February 1950. Keyboardist and composer with Journey, primarily. He’s still with the Perry-less band and is also associated with Jimmy Barnes and Michael Bolton (who coincidentally turns 62 today, but I’m not going there ) ….

Never a big fan of Journey myself, there’s no denying their hugely memorable power anthems; so … co-written by Jonathan Cain and the voice – “Who’s Crying Now” …


PS - ^They're in exalted company. I'm leaving the Cashman to CH ... :biggrin:.
Feel free to add JC Ruby....

I'm not a Journey fan neither, I have one album and don't like it.
Fats Domino, born 26 February 1928

#6 US hit in 1957 with this

Johnny Cash was born on this day, 26 February, in 1932. His blend of traditional country and folk is staggering!
A genuine in your face artist, no bull!

Fats Domino...."the greatest" artist of the 1950s rock era IMO

John Cash.......the term "sex and drugs and rock n roll" describes his life to a tee and he was doing it all long before Keith Richards did it!
.....................Cash was the original "country outlaw" artist
i'll add Sandie Shaw and Nate Ruess to feb 26th's birthday list...

Sandie Shaw:
"always something there to remind me" live performance and she's still going string with this 2012 live version with Jools Holland...and yes she's performing barefooted!
"puppet on a string" tv performance...

Nate Ruess/Fun.
"some nights" sounds like Freddie Mercury reincarnated!
"just give me a reason" superb ballad from Nate and the brilliant P!nk
Also born on February 26 is Michael Bolton.
Michael Bolton is 61 years old today.