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What Are You Listening To?
[Image: 220px-Johnny_Winter_And.jpeg]

JOHNNY WINTER  "and"  cd, 1970:

Johnny's fourth studio set...
blues rock and southern rock on this one...
every track is a classic IMO...
one of rock's greatest albums IMO...

Mike Oldfield - Five Miles Out - have not listened to this one for a while. Has moments of brilliance and then others of complete twaddle. Certainly not in my list of favourite MO albums.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
And this is how to rock boys and girls -
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
(13-03-2018, 12:17)Jerome Wrote: And this is how to rock boys and girls -

I love to watch Clapton play, he makes it look all too easy...

ive seen 100s of concerts over the years and seeing Clapton 20 odd years ago is without a shadow of a doubt
one of my concert going highlights.
[Image: 615ASxckqgL._AC_US218_.jpg]

JOHNNY RIVERS  "the best of..."  cd, 1999:

US 1960s rocker...
recorded and had success with a lot of covers but also had a lot of original tracks also...
one of my Dad's faves from that era...
was a friend of Elvis until he screwed him over and The King never spoke to him again...
a good artist from that period and one who still managed to hit the charts despite the tsunami
that was The British Invasion...

from the album, one of the slower ones, would have loved to hear Gene Pitney do this one,
he'd have totally nailed it for sure!

[Image: 220px-Johnny_winter_3.jpg]

JOHNNY WINTER  "John Dawson Winter III"  cd,  1974:

seventh studio set...
I own four plus a lie set...
possibly my favourite blues rock-cum-hard rock artist....
like the last one I posted, love everything on the album including the handful of covers...
superb album from an underappreciated/under-rated artist.

love Presley's original 1973 version of this one, but Winter takes it to another level completely IMO:


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