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Thread: Deep Purple in Rock

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    Default Deep Purple in Rock

    To me this album is the zenith of purples creative output the band took on a much darker and more creative direction at this point. The following album Fireball was ok but didnt have the same impact in my mind as In Rock. even though purple made many more fine albums In Rock had a certain quality that has never been captured again by anyone in my view . it will always be just about my favourite heavy rock album.
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    never really been a fan of Deep Purple...guessing i should revisit these guys at some point though???

    anyone want to read a funny true story about Deep Purple?....

    ok, back in 1984 i went back to England for a trip and stayed with my Grandparents,one day my Grandfather and me went down to the local library and borrowed a few cassette tapes, my grandfather picked one up with a title on it that read Deep Purple...he thought it was some old song from the 1940s called "in the deep purple"(or something like that), i tried to tell him it was a heavy Rock band...he thought i was joking until we got back to his house and he put it on his cassette player at a pretty high grandmother's blue rinse drained from her hair, my grandfather spilled his cup of tea and i was rolling round on the floor in hysterics as he scrambled to his feet to turn Deep Purple off!!!!...

    just one of those little cherished fond memories of my Grandfather...may he rest in peace!

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