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from the album - Earthquake
World Premiere: Hit The Lights - "Earthquake" - YouTube

released - Jan 31st, 2012

Bio - from allmusic

The Lima, OH-based emocore band Hit the Lights formed in the summer of 2003. Vocalist Colin Ross and guitarist Omar
Zehery had previously teamed together in the little-known group Goodbye Session, while guitarist Nick Thompson
tenured with the Summer Departure. Bassist David Bermosk and drummer Nate Van Dame (a former roadie for emo
favorites Hawthorne Heights) completed the lineup, and after taking their name from a track on Metallica's
influential debut LP, Kill 'Em All, Hit the Lights earned a fervent cult following on the basis of their feverish
live shows. Studio time followed, and the group recorded their debut EP, 2004's From Ohio with Love, alongside A
Day in the Life and Red Affair. After self-releasing the Until We Get Caught EP in 2005, Hit the Lights signed to
the Triple Crown label, which reissued the disc in advance of the band's first full-length effort, 2006's This Is a
Stick Up... Don't Make It a Murder. Two years later, Skip School, Start Fights marked the band's sophomore release.

Album Review - from allmusic

Hit the Lights' major-label debut, Invicta, adheres to emo-pop melody as much as their last two albums, but
everything feels bigger. Prior to the release, vocalist Nick Thompson explained that he hoped the album would be
epic, and all the elements are there. With the monolithic crunch guitar riffs, the stomping drums, the shoutalong
hooks, and the choruses ready-made for an arena, all the songs are performed like Arcade Fire or U2 anthems as they
escalate into show-stopping crescendos. Taking Back Sunday producer Mike Sapone deserves credit for his attention
to sonic detail and achieving a crisp, thick sound. The studio manipulation is more daring than usual, in the silky
electronic sprinkles of "So Guilty," the keyboard and software percussion loops of "Faster Now," and the washed-out
ballad "Oh My God" (all of which, of course, build to monumental climaxes). Otherwise, these are introspective
tales of trying to navigate relationships and breakups, performed with feel-good energy. Essentially, the lighter
side of emo. The majority of the work is calculated and formulaic to be sure, but otherwise, this is an example of
the correct way to make a graceful progression from punky skater rock to straight-ahead pop. And, unavoidably, the
songs are so sonically powerful that they seem, well, epic. As it stands, Invicta is Hit the Lights' ultimate bid
for mainstream acceptance and also the quintet's strongest album to date.

Track Listing

1. Invincible
2. Gravity
3. Earthquake
4. So Guilty
5. Get to You
6. Float Through Me
7. Shouldve Known
8. All the Weight
9. Faster Now
10. Take Control
11. Oh My God