online listen
too synth pop heavy for me
the club crowd should like it
a few slower ones are border line likes
sweet voice again
I'm a sucker for that but I gotta get by the music first
clip is the first single
1.3 from me and a converted 2.4 from the pros at allmusic

from the album - Amanaemonesia

released Jan 24th, 2012

Bio - from allmusic

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York (by way of Boulder, Colorado, where they originally came together in 2006), the
avant-pop outfit Chairlift formed for the unusual purpose of crafting music for haunted houses. After finding that
their work transcended its original purpose, bandmates Aaron Pfenning, Caroline Polachek, and Patrick Wimberly
pulled up stakes and headed east, eventually settling in that most musical of locales -- not to mention one always
looking for new and unique ideas -- New York City. Chairlift made a name for themselves during their first two
years in the Big Apple, playing shows with similar up-and-comers like MGMT, Yeasayer, and Mixel Pixel while inking
a contract with the independent label Kanine. Chairlift's first release on the label, a single entitled "Evident
Utensil," featured a remix by the aforementioned MGMT and was a precursor to the group's debut full-length release.
Issued in 2008, Does You Inspire You melded the band's space rock influences with a poppy indie aesthetic. The
album also received an extra promotional boost when "Bruises" appeared in an iPod commercial. By early 2009, major
labels came calling and Chairlift signed to Columbia, which re-released Does You Inspire You that April. Sophomore
album Something, recorded in Brooklyn and London over the course of 18 months (and marking the recording debut of
Chairlift as a duo of Polachek and Wimberly following the departure of Pfenning), arrived in January 2012,
elevating the band's kaleidoscopic pop to a grander scale with assistance from Dan Carey (Kylie Minogue, Lily
Allen, La Roux).

Album Review - from allmusic

On Chairlift's sophomore album, the Brooklyn bandmates piece together another retro-futuristic sound collage of
1980s synth pop, sci-fi club music, and arty electronica, with Caroline Polachek's pretty, almost classical-
sounding vocals floating high above the mix. Like the music video for "Amaneamonesia," which featured a straight-
faced Polachek doing fitness-video dance moves while wearing a bodysuit, Chairlift treat every song earnestly, even
the ones that dive into camp. The goofiness that ran throughout their 2009 debut (remember "Le Flying Saucer Hat?")
isn't so heavy-handed here, though, and several songs -- "I Belong in Your Arms," "Amaneamonesia," "Ghost Tonight"
-- genuinely sound like forgotten '80s classics rather than 21st century pastiches. Something also serves as a
killer breakup album, thanks to the departure of founding member Aaron Pfenning, who left the group after his
relationship with Polachek, his girlfriend since Chairlift's formation, soured in 2010. In his absence, Patrick
Wimberly takes on more responsibilities, singing backup vocals whenever necessary and underlying each song with
sharp, deep-seated grooves. Polachek shines the brightest, though, her killer pipes evoking Stereolab's Laetitia
Sadier one minute and Kate Bush the next. Splitting up with Pfenning has left her angry, even feral at points, and
she opens up the album with a message to the boy who broke her heart: "All of the bones of your body are in way too
few pieces for me/Time to do something about, if you know what I mean." Neither she nor Wimberly manages to come up
with anything as frothily commercial as "Bruises," Chairlift's semi-hit from 2008, but that's not really the point.
Something is a different beast: wilder than its predecessor, stronger in the songwriting department, and totally,
wonderfully weird.

Track Listing

1. Sidewalk Safari
2. Wrong Opinion
3. I Belong in Your Arms
4. Take It Out on Me
5. Ghost Tonight
6. Cool as a Fire
7. Amanaemonesia
8. Met Before
9. Frigid Spring
10. Turning
11. Guilty as Charged