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Thread: Ingrid Michaelson - Human Again

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    Default Ingrid Michaelson - Human Again

    online listen
    new for me
    another beautiful voice
    nothing great
    a couple that lull me off
    clip is the lead single
    I need some good new hate music
    this love stuff's gettin me down
    1.6 from me and a converted 2.1 from the pros at allmusic

    from the album - Ghost

    released Jan 24th, 2012

    Bio - from allmusic

    With her piano-fueled songwriting, witty wordplay, and slight vocal vibrato, Ingrid Michaelson carries the
    tradition of the female singer/songwriter into the 21st century. Befitting a musician of the digital age,
    Michaelson first gained wide exposure through spots on TV soundtracks, including Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill.
    Born and raised on New York's Staten Island to an artist mother and classical composer father, she began exploring
    music through piano lessons at the age of four. After college, she toured with a national theater troupe and spent
    her free time writing songs, later compiling them into an online-distributed recording entitled Slow the Rain.

    Michaelson blazed her own trail by independently issuing her proper debut, the engaging Girls and Boys, in 2006;
    following the inclusion of her music in several episodes of Grey's Anatomy, she then released a remastered version
    of the album on her own Cabin 24 Records in January 2007. Three months later, she won a national songwriting
    contest sponsored by Mountain Stage, a radio program produced by West Virginia Public Broadcasting and distributed
    worldwide. "The Way I Am" was then picked up by Old Navy, who used it to soundtrack one of their clothing
    commercials, and Michaelson began making headlines as one of the country's most promising independent artists. A
    benefit project comprised of live recordings, new songs, and rarities, Be OK was released in 2008. Michaelson
    joined the Hotel Cafe Tour that fall in support of the album, whose proceeds went toward cancer research, and later
    toured Europe alongside Jason Mraz.

    For her "proper" follow-up to Girls and Boys, Ingrid Michaelson retreated to a Manhattan studio alongside producer
    Dan Romer. 40 newly composed songs were whittled down to a total of 12, with more emphasis being paid to the
    songwriter's peppier material. Featuring a string section on several songs, 2009's Everybody proved to be
    Michaelson's most expansive, confident effort to date, and she followed its release with another cross-country fall
    tour. In 2012, Michaelson returned with her fifth studio album, Human Again with production from David Kahne (Paul
    McCartney, Regina Spektor, Stevie Nicks, The Bangles) and featuring the single, "Ghost."

    Album Review - from allmusic

    Guys just keep breaking Ingrid Michaelson's heart. Five albums into her career, she's still singing about lost
    loves and bad breakups, filling every sad-eyed song with lyrics like "Open-heart surgery, that is what you do to
    me" and "It's a wonder that I survived the war between your heart and mine." It's dramatic, but don't expect
    Michaelson to wallow in her own misery. By surrounding her Lilith Fair melodies with lush, layered arrangements and
    movie soundtrack strings, she manages to turn even her most downtrodden songs into anthems, sounding proud and
    resolute despite her malfunctioning cardiac organ. Her voice has changed since 2009's Maybe; the light vibrato and
    quirky, almost bookish phrasing are still there, but so is a full-bodied belt that gets unleashed whenever the
    melody starts climbing upward. Michaelson simply sounds stronger, as though one final breakup was all she needed to
    find her vocal mojo. Or maybe she just needed to find super-producer David Kahne, who replaces Dan Romer --
    Michaelson's longtime collaborator, as well as one of the driving forces behind the summery, frothy, ukulele-fueled
    songs that filled 2009's Maybe -- and helps give her a wintry makeover. Romer's influence is missed, particularly
    on the peppier songs, which tend to feel too heavy-handed in Kahne's hands. ("Blood Brothers," an uptempo tune
    about loving your neighbor, aims for the Ingrid equivalent of "We Are the World" and falls short.) When Human Again
    ditches the feel-good stuff and goes straight into drama-queen territory, though, it feels like we're finally
    getting to watch Michaelson come to grips with her broken heart, realizing that the only way to make things better
    is to fix the damn thing herself.

    Track Listing

    1. Fire
    2. This Is War
    3. Do It Now
    4. I'm Through
    5. Blood Brothers
    6. Black and Blue
    7. Ribbons
    8. How We Love
    9. Palm of Your Hand
    10. Ghost
    11. In the Sea
    12. Keep Warm
    13. End of the World
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    I need to get this album. I haven't heard much of Ingrid, but I've liked what I've heard. And I love the song "Ghost" on this album. Video's awesome too.

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