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Thread: Mono radio stations

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    Default Mono radio stations

    Listening to the radio in the car some time ago I noticed that the track they were playing was in mono. Now this radio station has always had stereo capability but obviously some dummy has switched the thing to mono by mistake. This has been going on for months now and it still has not been corrected. Do people really not notice the difference between mono and stereo? It's like comparing a video on a wristwatch to an IMAX movie screen. Seems to be happening more and more on other stations as well. Maybe I'm going deaf in one ear!!!! (Nooooo - I'm not in case you were wondering). The radio stations are obviously on autopilot and the presenter not even listening to their own programmes at any point to make sure everything is going out OK. Whatever happened to quality control?
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    It is not as unusual as you think................not sure whay but it also happens on cable TV ............quite afew of the senders prefer to downgrade their sound capabailities to mono ............the only thing I can think of is they think it will prevent copying ????
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    i personally havent noticed it here...and i predominantly listen to "golden oldies" radio stations

    havent noticed it on cable TV neither??

    but maybe i am deaf...Dani thinks i am anyway, with my choice of listening choices...which means Jerome probably does also LOL

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