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Thread: Jessie Baylin - Little Spark

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    Default Jessie Baylin - Little Spark

    online listen
    pretty mellow for the most part
    beautiful voice
    nothing I didn't like
    included clip can be a love
    makes the list
    1.8 from me and not yet rated by the pros at allmusic

    from the album - Holiday
    Jessie Baylin - Holiday - YouTube

    released Jan 17th 2012

    Bio - from allmusic

    New Jersey native Jessie Baylin began plotting her songwriting career at an early age, penning poems while still in
    elementary school and -- at the ripe age of 13 -- singing for customers at the Fire Sight Inn, a local jazz bar
    that her parents owned. Although moved by the work of Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Barbra Streisand, Baylin
    didn't compose her own songs until several years later, when she relocated to California after graduating from high
    school. She then settled in Los Angeles and honed her songwriting skills in private, eventually emerging with a
    batch of demos that mixed her jazz, country, and pop/rock influences.

    After generating label interest through her demo tapes and a residency at the Los Angeles club The Mint (as well as
    recurring gigs at the Hotel Café, which paired Baylin with a number of other emerging songwriters), the singer
    signed with the Verve Forecast label and released her debut effort, Firesight, in 2008. She also became engaged to
    Nathan Followill, the drummer for Kings of Leon, and resettled in Nashville with her fiancé. The two married one
    year later.

    Album Review - from louisville courier-journal

    Jessie Baylin is a Nashville singer-songwriter via Los Angeles and New Jersey, her home, but doesn’t sound like
    she’s from any of them. Baylin instead seems to live in an alternate universe where AM radio still rules and people
    made pop records that unabashedly courted a broad, if not especially diverse, audience.

    With gorgeous string arrangements from 1960s guru Jimmie “Bridge Over Troubled Water” Haskell and background vocals
    from Louisville’s Watson Twins that echo everything from Motown to the Brill Building, “Little Spark” is a retro
    power glide that only intermittently references the present. You’ll usually be thinking Dusty Springfield, Petula
    Clark and Skeeter Davis, a nice little triptych.

    Baylin’s dusky voice conveys both hope and resignation, go-to emotions for these kind of songs, and when she
    reaches into her upper register, you’re never sure if she’ll be laughing or crying. Sometimes the arrangements turn
    into affectations, but the strength of the melodies and Baylin’s singing keep most songs firmly pointed at a place
    where classic pop never grows old.

    Track Listing

    1. Hurry Hurry
    2. Love Is Wasted on Lovers
    3. The Greatest Thing That Never Happened
    4. I Feel That Too
    5. Star Cannon
    6. Yuma
    7. Holiday
    8. Dancer
    9. The Winds
    10. Joy Is Suspicious
    11. Little Spark
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    Very pretty
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