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I really do try and be open minded on these new releases
some stuff just sucks
how about Yoko meets Syd Barrett here
quite liked some of the music, but couldn't get by the warbly vocals
1.2 from me and an amazing converted 2.4 from the pros at allmusic

from the album - Fold The Cloth
Cate Le Bon - Fold The Cloth (Official Video) - YouTube

released Jan 17th 2012

Bio - from allmusic

Cardiff, Wales native Cate Le Bon matched her slightly spooky, fragile voice with dark lyrics -- she confessed to
being death-fixated -- and a sparse, spindly guitar sound. In 2007, she opened for Super Furry Animals' Gruff Rhys,
with whom she occasionally collaborated, during a tour of the U.K. That same year, she self-released her first
single, "No One Can Drag Me Down”/"Disappear," and recorded an album, Pet Deaths, which was shelved. Edrych yn
Ilygaid Ceffyl Benthyg, a Welsh-language EP, was issued on Peski in 2008, the same year she contributed vocals to
“I Lust U,” a song from Rhys and Bryan Hollon's Neon Neon album Stainless Style. Me Oh My, Le Bon's first album to
actually be released, came out on Rhys' Irony Bored label in 2009 and was hotly tipped by Uncut magazine. Her
sophomore release, Cyrk, which paired the spooky, folk-tinged timbre of Nico with the experimental, Nuggets-meets
Krautrock attack of Os Mutantes and Faust, arrived in early 2012.

Album Review - from allmusic

The sophomore outing from Welsh singer/songwriter Cate Le Bon pairs the spooky timbre of Nico and the meandering
psych rock affectations of Syd Barrett with the experimental Nuggets-meets-Krautrock attack of Faust and Os
Mutantes. Jangly retro-pop gems like "Puts Me to Work," "Falcon Eyed," and "Fold the Cloth," the latter of which
sounds like a lost early-'90s Stereolab classic, keep things moving along at a brisk pace, while more exploratory
pieces such as "Ploughing Out" and the neatly fractured title cut give listeners a little more to chew on. While
each track on Cyrk brings to mind somebody else (Velvet Underground, "Genesis Hall"-era Fairport Convention, Comus,
Spacemen 3), Le Bon somehow manages to make it all feel surprising natural, allowing the oddness of the songs, all
of which are built upon the foundation of a simple, melodic hook, then allowed enough pasture to graze
indefinitely, to evolve in a way that never seems contrived, despite their obvious influences.

Track Listing

1. Falcon Eyed
2. Puts Me to Work
3. Cyrk
4. Julia
5. Greta
6. Fold the Cloth
7. The Man I Wanted
8. Through The Mill
9. Ploughing Out Part I
10. Ploughing Out Part II