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Thread: Seal - Soul 2 - Buying it or skipping it?

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    Question Seal - Soul 2 - Buying it or skipping it?

    Seal released one of his best selling albums in 2008. The album was titled Soul and consisted of what he considered to be some of the best and most influencial Soul classics. In about a week he releases the follow up album cleverly titled soul 2. According to the tracklisting he will be taking on some of Souls greatest Voices including Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers and Smokey Robinson.
    What do you think about this release? is he shamelessly making a profit of other peoples success? or is he bringing new life to an otherwise dead genre?

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    i dont see a problem with the concept of it as many artists release covers albums nowadays...seem to be the "in thing"!
    and i dont have a problem with Seal covering soul tracks from days gone by as he has a real good soul voice to buying it...the answer is probably "no" i dont usually buy "covers" albums as a rule.

    as for your comment about soul being a "dead genre"...soul is not dead, Aloe Blacc and Cee Lo Green are doing a fine job in keeping it alive, and good music will never die,it may, however occasionally get forgotten for a while whilst some dumbass "fad" becomes popular,but it always returns and sounds even better!

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    I don't know how I feel about cover albums. I think maybe though that those songs are best left for concerts and albums need to be original material.

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    I am not really into the remix with the oldies, especially artists no longer living. They have no say in their own music being put with some new artist they don't even know. lol

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