Julius Eastman was a minimalist composer (like, very minimal) who was active somtime in the 70s. He was an eccentric, very open about his homosexuality (he'd go around wearing chains), and gave his pieces provocative titles like "Crazy Nigger" and "Gay Guerilla". In the early 80s, when he was evicted from his apartment, most of hs music was lost, but luckily, thanks to the extensive research of his followers, 5 Eastman originals have been recovered and collected here. This is some of most original, fresh, and genius music ever recorded. There really are now words for how much I love this man's work. Really, this thing is up there with "Black Saint and the Sinner Lady" in terms of brilliance. I truly am angry that music like this floats in obscurity, meanwhile rubbish like "The Joshua Tree" sells ass loads and garners universal acclaim