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Thread: No New Albums

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    Default No New Albums

    This is like 3 weeks running with no new online albums to listen to.
    How do people survive under these conditions?
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    i figure there wont be many new releases out till the end of the month...

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    Haha, I'm sure there will be some new albums soon.



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    Unfortunately today's music is a total mess right now. I just wonder why music is going downhill. Music is so based on Adele and Lady Gaga.

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    you do realise hundred of albums are released every day, right? Also, lol at the "modern music is based off of Lady Gaga and Adel". I highly doubt that any underground inde, ounk, hp hop, etc is based off of Adele and Lady Gaga. Unless we're only talking about mainstream stuff, which in that case, I don't really have any comment

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