If this thread has been done already, please accept my apologies and relocate it to the appropriate forum.

I deemed this song to be worthy of its own separate thread.

I admit a bit of bias, as this is not only my favorite classical piece, but my all-time favorite song of any genre.

There is a lot of controversy and intrigue regarding how much of the complete work is of Mozart's creation or other minds. That, to me, makes this even more of a great work.

I can listen to this all day. This song captivates my mind and soothes me like no other. This is not music---it is magic.

This is a phenomenal video via Youtube. It is a fifty-three plus minute of the classic masterpiece. In the details at the link, it gives a complete description of each movement. One of the best Youtube submissions yet.

Please give your opinion of the piece. Do you consider it a top ten piece in the classical realm? If not, where do you rank it?