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    Hi there, I have recently set up a new sound system, and am having some trouble.
    I have an Audio-Technica AT-LP120 phonograph, which apparently has a preamp in it; and I have a Denon receiver to hook up to it.
    Well, I hooked the two up, and I could only get sound out at TOP volume, with plenty of static. When looking at Denon's sight, it said to hook up a Preamp between the two. So, ordered a TCC TC-753LC phono preamp, and it works, but it appears to be overacting my Bass at a constant level. If I switch the Phonographs line output to Preamp it makes the speakers have a high pitch background noise. The Preamp has a grounding attachment, and I cannot find a grounding tower on my Phonograph. Any thoughts on what I should do?

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    i feel for you man, but alas, i cannot help you with your problem...hopefully someone else can.
    pretty sure our musical tech "jerome" would know what your problem is but he has taken a sojurn trekking up some mountains somewhere in South America i believe, maybe if you own a Condor you could tie a note to its foot and let it loose, im sure it would find him up there!? LOL

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    Honestly, I wish I was up there in those mountains!
    Thank you!

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    As far as I can see you have the following situation

    I guess the turntable has a moving magnet cartridge which will give an output of around 5.5mV ......................Now the standard non phono input requires around 150mV to work. This will explain why you will only get a sound at the top of the volume control.

    The USB turntable idea is to have a pre amp in it to boost the voltage from 5.5 to around 150 mV . My guess is that the turntable will have to power the pre amp somehow as you can not get something for nothing. So I guess that there should be a battery in the turntable somewhere and this is the problem. If you can locate where and put in the battery , this should solve the problem. Having read the specification of the turntable I see that the phono pre amp is "Selectable internal stereo phono pre amplifier" in which case you may well have to find out how to turn it on ..................somewhere there should be a switch!
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    the extent of my knowledge, did you try plugging it in?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Music Head View Post
    the extent of my knowledge, did you try plugging it in?
    Yep, that usually my problem lol
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