JAIMOES JASSSZ BAND "renaissance man"

never been a big fan of the blues for some reason, except maybe B.B King, and more recently Clapton.
but this album really hit the spot from the opening bars of the opening track through to the end of the closing number.
even a very good cover of Rainy Night In Georgia on this one.
some real fine blues vocals here, great guitar work,both during the singing and as solos. also some nice Hammond Organ work to boot,
i simply love the sound of the old '60s Hammond...half the reason i like Spencer Davis Group,Animals and Small Faces i guess.
i dont really know enough about Blues to say whether it is authentic blues or not, but this album has just made it onto my "end of year"
buy list as a result of a single online listen!

from the album:
(not the greates sound to the links but the best i could find, should get the idea though!)

Jaimoe's Jasssz Band - Dilemma - YouTube

rainy night in georgia
Jaimoe's Jasssz Band - Rainy Night in Georgia - YouTube