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Thread: paul weller question.....

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    Default paul weller question.....

    not really a question about Paul Weller as i consider myself a bit of an authority on his music, moreso a couple of questions for all members here for my personal satisfaction:

    1. how do you rate Weller as a musician/songwriter

    2. will he go down in musical history in high esteem in the UK as a legend of his time?

    3. do you even like Paul Weller/Style Council or The Jam

    4. do you have any of his albums from his 35+yr career

    5. which part of his career do you like most(Jam,TSC or solo)

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    Don't know anything about him. Don't have any albums by him or The Jam or affiliated musicians. Can't think of a single song by him that I know. I've probably heard one or two on the radio but can't say I can remember anything he's done.

    all i want is thanks Jerome
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    1) not knowledgable enough to give an answer

    2) same as 1

    3) just ok on both Style Council and the Jam

    4) only have the Jams This Is The Modern World and Style Councils The Cost Of Loving that I have heard
    ....some dude brought me a stack of cd's that I am still going through. May be some Weller in there.

    5) same as 1

    without a doubt the worst Jam and TSC albums IMO,
    and yes, you have two Weller solo albums...the latest couple,pretty sure you will like "22 dreams", not so sure about "wake up the nation" though?!?!
    thanks for your imput MH
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