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Thread: Some new tracks from me (Shadowtunerz) - Hardstyle

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    Default Some new tracks from me (Shadowtunerz) - Hardstyle

    Yeah, hi. I'm new to this forum and it took a while to find it, haha. But since I quit facebook I've been looking for a place to promote my music sometimes.

    My real name is Felix Cervin, but my artist/producing name is "Shadowtunerz". I create hardstyle and I have been doing it for 2 years. Though I don't only create hardstyle but also other electronic dance music, like "House" and stuff like that. As a music background I have played piano for 11 years and played alot of other instruments. I'm kind of an "all-knower" when it comes to instruments and music.

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    Thank you and hi!
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