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Thread: Hot Chelle Rae - Whatever

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    Default Hot Chelle Rae - Whatever

    online listen
    slickly produced is an understatement
    dance/pop heavy
    already a smash hit here with the clip
    girl teens will love it

    from the album - Tonight Tonight

    released Nov 29th, 2011

    from all music


    Hot Chelle Rae took shape in 2005, balancing the polished sounds of mainstream pop with energized, guitar-heavy
    dance-rock. Vocalist Ryan Keith Follese, guitarist Nash Overstreet, drummer Jamie Follese, and bassist Ian Keaggy
    had all grown up in musical households; the former three were raised by A-list Nashville songwriters, while
    Keaggy's father was a Grammy-nominated guitarist. As a result, the band wasted little time carving out a commercial
    sound, resulting in a label offer from Jive Records in 2008. Recording quickly commenced on a debut album, with
    both Butch Walker and Eric Valentine lending their help to the project, and the resulting Lovesick Electric
    appeared in 2009. The band returned in 2011 with Whatever, which featured a big hit single "Tonight Tonight."

    Album Review

    Hot Chelle Rae will never be mistaken for serious artists. Their second album, Whatever, sports a sound slicker
    than Turtle Wax and is light enough to blow away in a gentle breeze. The guitars sound as real as Velveeta, the
    vocals are seriously smooth and grit-free, and the songs are about as deep as a kiddie pool. These sound like
    criticisms, and they are if you are looking for “real” music played by guys who “mean it." However, these can be
    considered points in HCR's favor, considering they are a band that combines the strut of Maroon 5 with the easy
    swagger of old-school lunkheads like Smash Mouth and Sugar Ray; adds a tiny, tiny bit of emo emotion; uses every
    production trick available to even the least schooled producer; and packs every song with a huge singalong hook
    that even the strongest pop haters might find imprinted on their brains after hearing it twice in a mall. You don’t
    need grit or reality if that’s the kind of band you are; it would just get in the way. Instead, HCR unleash an
    album’s worth of poppy jams like “Tonight Tonight,” “Radio,” and “Downtown Girl” that will please the sing-into-
    your-hairbrush crowd, the bedroom dancers, the mall rats, and the occasional nostalgic old-timers who remember the
    age of “All Star” and “Every Morning” with fondness. It may not be a formula designed for critical acclaim or
    longevity, but pop music has always been exactly like this and HCR would make Bobby Vee, the Archies, and the New
    Radicals proud.

    Track Listing

    1. I Like It Like That Feat. New Boyz
    2. Tonight Tonight
    3. Honestly
    4. Keep You With Me
    5. Radio Feat. Bei Maejor
    6. Whatever
    7. Forever Unstoppable
    8. Why Don't You Love Me Feat. Demi Lovato
    9. Downtown Girl
    10. Beautiful Freaks
    11. The Only One
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    just saw them play a track off this on Fallon...seemed alright to me?!

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