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Thread: James Durbin - Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster

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    Default James Durbin - Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster

    online listen
    the only true rocker on last seasons AI
    guy has a great voice
    expected a more metal album, but not disappointed in that
    just misses a like mark
    single is the clip, but standout is the ballad, May

    from the album - Love Me Bad

    released Nov 22nd, 2011

    from all music


    Every season of American Idol has at least one rocker vying for the crown, but few have an honest-to-god metalhead
    like James Durbin, who wailed his way to a fourth-place finish during the show’s 2011 season. Born in 1989, Durbin
    was raised in Santa Cruz, California, where he was diagnosed with Tourette's and Asperger's syndrome at nine years
    old. Uncomfortable in social situations, he turned to music instead, developing a larger-than-life stage presence
    as part of a local theater group and singing lead with Hollywood Scars, a hair metal group inspired by Mötley Crüe
    and Guns N’ Roses. By the time he auditioned for American Idol, he’d moved on to a new band called Whatever Fits.

    Singing rock songs by Queen, Muse, and Judas Priest, Durbin became one of the season’s leading contenders, earning
    comparisons to Adam Lambert (another high-voiced Idol alum) along the way. He finished fourth, joined the
    inevitable "American Idol Summer Tour" several weeks after the show's finale, and released an EP, American Idol
    Season 10 Highlights, in June 2011. Durbin's full-length studio debut, Memories of a Beautiful Disaster, featuring
    the single "Love Me Bad," followed in November of 2011.

    Album Review

    James Durbin was the default "rocker" on the 2011 season of American Idol and played the role well, covering tracks
    by Queen, Judas Priest, and others. He did not win, but finished in fourth place as a fan favorite for his soaring
    vocals and faux-hawked, "post-grunge meets hair metal" image. Durbin's post-Idol debut, 2011's Memories of a
    Beautiful Disaster, is much more pop than rock, and in that sense a fairly true representation of Durbin's rock
    theatricality and knack for wailing away on tunes packed with radio-friendly hooks. One might have expected him to
    deliver a dark, post-grunge album à la his AmIdol brethren Daughtry or David Cook, and certainly the leadoff track
    "Higher Than Heaven" packages Durbin's angelic yawlp with just enough processed electric guitar fuzz and squelch to
    register as nu-metal dirty. Elsewhere, listeners get a pop-friendly concoction of OneRepublic-esque uplift cuts
    such as "All I Want," the veritable power pop-infused "Love in Ruins," and the anthemic ballad "Love Me Bad."
    Ultimately, Durbin does deliver the vocal goods here on material that should appeal to his AmIdol fan base.

    Track Listing

    1. Higher Than Heaven
    2. All I Want
    3. Love in Ruins
    4. Right Behind You
    5. Love Me Bad
    6. Deeper
    7. May
    8. Screaming
    9. Outcast Feat. Mick Mars
    10. Everything Burns
    11. Stand Up
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    another one that is unavailable in my country...bugger! thats two in a row!

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