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Thread: Daughtry - Break The Spell

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    Default Daughtry - Break The Spell

    online listen
    Creed, 3 Doors Down, that kinda stuff
    got repetitive pretty quick for me
    a few good songs
    rock radio friendly

    from the album - Crawling Back To You

    released Nov 22nd, 2011

    from all music


    Bo Bice proved that American Idol could have a rocker as a finalist, but Chris Daughtry proved that the show could
    generate a successful rocker outside the context of the show. Of course, it helped that he was the polar opposite
    of Bice, a shaggy retro-rocker soaked in the South. Bold and bald, Daughtry was the picture of a modern rocker,
    living by the rulebook written by Live and Fuel. These were the qualities that helped make Chris Daughtry the most
    successful new rock & roll singer of 2006, as well as one of the most successful Idol graduates in the show's

    Album Review

    On the verge of succumbing completely to workingman's boredom on their 2009’s sophomore set Leave This Town,
    DAUGHTRY snap back to life with 2011’s Break the Spell. Working once again with producer Howard Benson, a
    collaborator since the early days when it wasn’t clear whether Chris Daughtry’s charms would translate outside of
    American Idol, DAUGHTRY add color back into their desaturated post-grunge, embracing their lineage as radio-ready
    rockers. Often, Break the Spell harks back to the glory days of the late ‘80s, when rockers played golden gods all
    for the sake of video cameras, secure in the knowledge that heavy rotation on MTV and AOR radio would shift
    millions of CDs. So it is with Break the Spell: there’s a candied confidence to DAUGHTRY’s swagger, they’re
    unconcerned with sobriety, they’re happy to have their riffs over-muscled, happy to have every speckle of their
    production sparkle. It’s still loud music -- both by design and brickwalled mastering -- but Daughtry has softened
    his defining trait as a rocker: he’s dampened his dourness, choosing to dabble in levity at least as far as surface
    sonics are concerned. It’s hard to imagine the Daughtry of 2006 acquiescing to the disco-rock on the syncopated
    stomp “Outta My Head” but here it’s part of a record colored by shellacked harmonies -- arriving via vocals and
    six-strings -- ambient echoes, and acoustics, all working in service of melody, not brawn. It’s as if DAUGHTRY
    believe they’ve earned their rock & roll stripes so they no longer need to prove that they’re for real -- they can
    just ease into the role of sugary arena rockers that they’ve always been destined to be.

    Track Listing

    1. Renegade
    2. Crawling Back to You
    3. Outta My Head
    4. Start of Something Good
    5. Crazy
    6. Break the Spell
    7. We're Not Gonna Fall
    8. Gone Too Soon
    9. Losing My Mind
    10. Rescue Me
    11. Louder Than Ever
    12. Spaceship
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    not a bad song MH...sounds like a million other artists though, but at least there are instruments, no auto tune etc etc...

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