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    KIMBRA "vows"

    Kimbra was born in New Zealand in 1990, she has appeared on stage since age 10.
    performed at the NZ Rugby League Grand Final in front of 27,000 football fans at age 12.
    released her first single at age 19 in New Zealand and got her real big break singing with Belgium born,Aussie artist Goyte
    on his European/Aussie/NZ #1 single "somebody that i used to know" earlier this year.
    her debut album was released here in Spetember of this year and has just been released overseas this month(thus a 'new release'
    for most of you).
    twelve tracks on this one, well eleven plus a 'hidden track'(why do artists do the hidden track thing!) why not
    just include it as a fully credited album track on the album sleeve?

    anyway, not a bad album, has shades of Bjork crossed with Nina Simone vocal qualities mixed with Florence & The Machine
    type beats...plenty of multi-layered vocals also, which does not detract from the album(Enya did it to great effect, so why not Kimbra).
    i actually expected a lot more of the high noted vocals on this line with the vocals on that Gotye single, but sadly it was
    not to be, which did affect my score of this one a bit...nothing really stand out as being great from the one listen i have given it,
    and several tracks that i dont like, but overall a reasonable album, and i will probably get it if i get online vouchers
    as gifts at i wouldnt pay for it myself...unless it was on special, but with a voucher i guess it is free
    and more than worthy of a gift IMO.

    album rating: 1.7

    from the album:

    CALL ME ** audio

    SETTLE DOWN ** video

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    Outstanding talent

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