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from the album - Horrorscope

released Nov 15th, 2011

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Singer/songwriter Carter Tanton makes yearning, somewhat lo-fi alternative country and folk-influenced rock. A
Baltimore, Maryland native, Tanton released his solo debut album, Birds & Rain, in 2005 before moving to Boston and
forming the indie rock outfit Tulsa. After releasing an EP and a full-length album with 2007's I Was Submerged,
label and legal issues stalled the group's sophomore effort and Tulsa disbanded. Tanton changed course and joined
indie singer/songwriter Marissa Nadler's ensemble, helping to record and release her 2011 self-titled album. Also
in 2011, Tanton returned to his solo career with the album Freeclouds.

Album Review

Carter Tanton's shift back from group work in Tulsa to his own work for the release of Freeclouds seems to be fully
frontloaded in the sound of the album as much as any particular moniker. The cryptic touches of a lush, flecks-of-
classic-4AD background in Tulsa's earlier work transforms here into a crisper, more self-consciously live feeling
with the opening "Murderous Joy," acoustic guitars and a break with a classic feeling of glam-rock-descend to it
all backing Tanton's yearning singing. But the immediately following "Fake Pretend," a collaboration with Marissa
Nadler, takes a turn towards shimmering electronic/shoegaze feedback and beats, showing that Freeclouds has a
little more up its sleeve than either a clear break from Tanton's past or a simple extension of it. The sense of
casual free play of styles continues throughout; if Tanton has a familiar anchor and approach at the center, with
his singing calling to mind a less fraught and (and much less insufferable) Richard Ashcroft, he puts in some
enjoyable variations. He also might be the first performer who equally values Slowdive and, given the sound of
"Saturday," Mojave 3, all while at the same time showing an appreciation for the politer side of beats not far
removed from where the School of Seven Bells are at, as "Land Lines" demonstrates. A sense of kaleidoscopic
approach emerges all the more throughout, whether "Horrorscope"'s twist on surging arena indie mixed with just a
bit of full on metal riffing or the slow crackling lope of "Pasture Sound" suggesting -- at a slight remove -- both
the distant fragility of Hood and an earlier generation's folk via James Taylor. Then there's the genius touch of
calling one song, a bit of roughed-up motorik with an acoustic guitar lead, "Gauze of Song," not to mention the
specific invocation of David Bowie's early song "The Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud" at the start of the album's
concluding track "Pitch Bent Flute."

Track Listing

1. Murderous Joy
2. Fake Pretend Feat. Marissa Nadler
3. Gauze of Song
4. Nylon
5. Saturday
6. Horrorscope
7. In Knots
8. Pasture Sound
9. Land Lines
10. Pitch Bent Flute