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Thread: these guys are AMAZING!

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    Thumbs up these guys are AMAZING!

    10 years!

    oh what i would give to be upfront at their show....
    his voice is so perfect its insane...
    real talent like this is getting rare, especially on the radio

    does anyone know what happened to them?
    they havent put out a new album, havent been on tour

    please tell me there will be more cause these guys are incredible

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    They are amazing Sarah!
    I just saw them last year Dec30 here in Florida!

    It was a sick show:

    10 Years and Sevendust!

    It was my second time seeing them live and they blew me away with how much their show has evolved! great talent and was a great experience.

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    Love the song Wasteland, addiction is a struggle.

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    as their hit single i think everyone liked wasteland.. i personally liked casting out alot to. the singer really does have a good voice but i wish all there stuff wasn't so downer... why can't they do more angry or at least energetic stuff. i feel like crying everytime i here them.
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    Default Awesome band.

    I absolutely loved The Autumn Effect. Never got around to getting Division though...I should do that. So I guess having just put out an album in 2008 (Division), I wouldn't expect to see another one from them just yet.

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