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Thread: Childish Gambino - Camp

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    Default Childish Gambino - Camp

    online listen
    both CH and I saw this rapper on one of the late nights and wrote him off
    not so fast I say now
    once you get past the vulgarity, there's some meat here
    although it just misses the like mark, it would surpass that with more listens
    very inteligent lyrics, nice music, and cool background vocals
    suggest you give it an AOL shot CH

    from the album - Bonfire

    released Nov 15th, 2011

    from all music


    When he’s not busy writing for television, performing with his sketch group Derrick Comedy, or acting on the NBC
    comedy Community, Donald Glover somehow finds the time to make beats and rap as his alter ego, Childish Gambino.
    The project started as Glover's pragmatic solution to finding someone to rhyme over the beats he had been making in
    his spare time, and then began to take on a life of its own. In 2008, Glover released his first record as Childish
    Gambino, Sick Boi, and followed it up the next year with Poindexter. In 2010 he released two mixtapes, I Am Just a
    Rapper and I Am Just a Rapper 2, which found him rapping over indie rock gems like Sleigh Bells' "Infinity Guitars"
    and Grizzly Bear’s "Two Weeks." Later that year, he released his third full-length underground album, Culdesac. The
    year 2011 found him going legit with Camp, his official debut for the Glass Note label.

    Album Review

    In the time before this wonderful album named Camp existed, the “actors who rap” proposition would have been all
    red flags. Brian Austin Green, Mr. T, Joaquin Phoenix, and many others are on the “cons” list, while the “pros”
    would have been Drake (barely counts, unless Degrassi: The Next Generation was your thing) and maybe AVN award-
    winner Dirt Nasty. These were the horrible odds Community star and comedy writer Donald Glover was up against when
    he took the Internet’s Wu-Tang Name Generator to heart and became rapper Childish Gambino, but anyone who right-
    clicked on one of his 2010/2011 mixtapes can tell you, he beat those odds, and with Camp, indie rap fans won the
    Lotto. The gloriously different and wonderfully inspired rhymes that downloaders experienced are here once more,
    and Gambino’s style is still that attractive blend of heartfelt and humorous or, in a nutshell, I-just-wasn’t-made
    -for-these-times-and-yet-I-love-the-Internet with “That ain’t even ironic bitch/I love Rugrats!” being a
    quintessential punch line/decree. He’s got that Kanye-sized swagger on lock too, as the triumphant “All the Shine”
    struts with vibrant colors, and he's just as complicated, as the track slowly descends into self-doubt and earth
    tones before it fades into the soft and meek “Letter Home,” all of it adding up to some kind of bizarre and
    ambitious bipolar backpacker suite. Nerdy wonders and insightful laughs are the reasons you want to visit Camp
    Gambino, but you’ll stay for the lush, surprisingly large production from Glover and Ludwig Göransson, along with
    the thrill of untangling it all for hours on end, separating the incredibly cool moments from the touching ones and
    figuring out how this “actor who raps” packaged it all sensibly in a concept album about summer camp that doubles
    as his showcase debut. Try it and be stunned or submit to it and be satiated; Camp is like the Drake, Cudi, and
    Kweli camps all offered their best, but it’s really just Glover and his overwhelming bundle of talent, taking indie
    hip-hop to new levels after spending the day working alongside Chevy Chase. Remarkable.

    Track Listing

    1. Outside
    2. Fire Fly
    3. Bonfire
    4. All the Shine
    5. Letter Home
    6. Heartbeat
    7. Backpackers
    8. L.E.S.
    9. Hold You Down
    10. Kids (Keep Up)
    11. You See Me
    12. Sunrise
    13. That Power
    “A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.”
    Will Rogers

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    thanks MH...i will give the album a listen tomorrow after always willing to revisit someone/something in the event that i may have missed something??

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    ok, heard it MH....

    its a bit better listening to it than watching him on Fallon, probably like you...1.6/1.7...
    not enough for me to buy it, but has potential to grow on me,not so sure i will give it the opportunity to do so unless something grabs me on MTV!

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    Guess we felt about the same then
    Just thought the contrast between that live performance and the album was quite telling
    Hard to reproduce that sound live
    Which is why in most cases I prefer the studio
    “A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.”
    Will Rogers

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