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from the album - Gossip

released Nov 15th, 2011

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A teen pop sister act, the PreZcotts make original pop and dance-oriented music and also cover various pop hits of
the '70s, '80s, and '90s. Raised in Modesto, California, the band features four sisters aged 12 to 17, including
(from oldest to youngest) AnaLeyna, ChaLyn, RaNelle, and MaRiah Prezcott. The PreZcotts' debut album, Gossip, was
released in 2011.

Album Review

California sisters AnaLeyna, ChaLyn, RaNelle, and MaRiah PreZcott’s debut album, Gossip, serves up 12 sugar-coated
platters of Hannah Montana-inspired motivational tween pop. The siblings in the quartet, who got their start
crooning together at church and family functions, co-write all of their material, which covers subjects like
bullying, heartbreak, family, and fun. Musically, the PreZcotts mix it up a bit, dabbling in breezy folk-pop
(“Turnaround”), high-energy dance-rock (“GOSSIP”), and teen angst-filled, piano-led balladry (“Press On”), all of
which are suitably catchy, if not instantly memorable. Elsewhere, Gossip offers a trio of covers, including a
spirited rendition of Sister Sledge's “We R Family,” an American Idol-ready take on Metallica's “Nothing Else
Matters,” and a poignant version of Diana Ross' “Do You Know.”

Track Listing

1. TurnAround
2. We R Family
3. Stay True
4. Piano Interlude
5. Strength (New York Mix)
6. Smile
8. I Know... (Girl Power Mix)
9. Press On
10. Nothing Else Matters
11. Free
12. Do U Know