JULIAN LENNON "everything changes"

personally, i have always been a fan of julian...but to do so i had to train my brain not to compare him to
his much more successful and famous biological father(i say boilogical because john never gave a crap about jule's and
basically ignored him his whole life).
that aside, i think Julian has made several good albums in the past, his best IMO was his last effort "photograph smile"
back in 1998, and posted here in a "what are you listening to" thread some 6-8 months ago from memory where it scored
pretty high from memory...
anyway, on with this latest release by the man who inspired "hey jude" as a young boy....
the album is full of lovely piano based tracks which float like dandelion seeds on a summers breeze, lots of dreamy
vocals also with intelligent thoughtful lyrics.
nothing pretentious about Jules in any way,he is a very down to earth man who has coped with the walking in the footsteps of
John very well....no drug or alcohol issues or bad publicity.
i met Julian at a record signing after an intimate solo acoustic gig in Perth at "78 Records" back in 1998,
spent several minutes chatting, and observing how he reacted with staff and other fans also...and he is a genuinely humble,
honest, sincere fellow who appears to be quite content with the famous weight constantly hanging over him!
album is well worth a listen, nothing really great nor bad on it. and certainly better than most of the rubbish that is released
onto cd nowadays....

album rating: 1.8

from the album:

"lookin' 4 luv"
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKPXxbA8-ug live/acoustic

"everything changes"
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlD9XALeK_4 audio