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Thread: Paul Weller on "Stone Roses" reformation....

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    Default Paul Weller on "Stone Roses" reformation....

    Paul Weller: 'Hopefully I'll never be skint enough to reform The Jam'
    Singer says he won't be following in the path of The Stone Roses

    from the "NME"

    Paul Weller has said that he hopes he'll never "be skint enough" to reform his old band The Jam.

    In an interview with Shortlist, the singer claimed that other bands who decided to reunite were largely motivated by financial considerations because "money talks".

    Earlier this week, it was reported that the recently reformed Stone Roses would make 10 million from their comeback gigs at Manchester's Heaton Park next summer, and are also said to be earning over 1 million for each festival appearance they make.

    Beady Eye singer Liam Gallagher recently suggested that he'd like Oasis to reform in 2015 for the 20th anniversary of their ('What's The Story) Morning Glory' album, too, but Weller was adamant he would not reform The Jam for the same reasons.

    "Money talks, doesn't it?" he replied when asked why he thought band reunions were so popular. When asked if he would consider reuniting with his old band, meanwhile, he added: "Hopefully I'll never be that skint, mate.

    "I mean, I don't know the Roses that well, apart from Mani who's a good mate. There'll be a financial consideration, obviously, but I know from [Mani's] point of view that he's been mad to do it for years. He's actually really wanted to get back with his mates and he loved that band."

    He went on to add:

    But for Ian [Brown] and John [Squire], I don't know I really don't think there's too much love lost there. We live in that age, though, don't we? It's either bands reforming, bands playing their classic album or tribute bands.
    He also ruled out the possibility of playing a 'classic album' show of his own, stating: "I'm going to go out and play a classic album next year, but it'll be my ******* new one. Not one from 20 years ago."

    In April of this year, Paul Weller claimed he had finished work on a new album, although it is not yet known when the LP will be released. It will be the follow-up to his 2010 album 'Wake Up The Nation'.

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    Paul Weller was offered 20million pounds as his part of an agreement to reform The Jam around 10 years ago to do 5 stadium shows in the UK.... obviously Weller declined....and i admire him for that.
    i think bands reforming are generally "embarrassing" for all concerned(except bank accounts and sales),

    also as a footnote: 53yo Weller and his mid-twenties wife are expecting twins in late january 2012....ive lost count, but i think he is up to kid #7 & 8 with 5 women now....he sure is catching up to Rod Stewart fast!

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