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    So... so... so....

    ( again sory for any mistakes )

    I love classic music... Jazz , solo piano, violins, blues... Movie soundtracks like hole CD from " Gladiator " and almost all Hans Zimmer "songs" ...

    I makeing music almost hole my life. I started with "loops lego" programs at age 11. At 1st i tried to make RAP bits :P later club songs - i made few for small Polish clubs - it was fun... But my true passion is classic... My biggest dream is... to see goosebumbs on my listeners hands :D or tear in they eyes... or smile...
    Im know im begginer... and i know i need to do huge progres to call my "motives" a "music..." And i would be greatfull for any adivces from you... to change or make better my next songs...
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