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Thread: Keith Sweat - 'Til The Morning

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    Default Keith Sweat - 'Til The Morning

    online listen
    not bad for current r&b I guess
    if you're into that
    I'm not and it still came out higher than I expected
    not much auto-tune which was a blessing
    even liked what I think is the single (clip) plus one other
    album got real repetitive for me

    from the album - Make You Say Ooh

    released Nov 8th, 2011

    from all music


    Keith Sweat, a Harlem-born R&B singer/songwriter known for his distinctive "whining" vocal style, co-produced
    1984/1985 singles by GQ and Roberta Gilliam and issued independent singles of his own ("Lucky Seven" and "My Mind
    Is Made Up"), but he didn't release his debut full-length, Make It Last Forever, until November 1987. The album
    sold over three million copies, spawning the hits "I Want Her" (number one R&B, number five pop), "Something Just
    Ain't Right" (number three R&B), "Make It Last Forever" (number two R&B), and "Don't Stop Your Love" (number nine
    R&B). It was followed in 1990 by I'll Give All My Love to You, another million-seller, which featured the hits
    "Make You Sweat" (number one R&B, number 14 pop), "Merry Go Round" (number two R&B), "I'll Give All My Love to You"
    (number one R&B, number seven pop), and "Your Love, Pt. 2" (number four R&B). Sweat's third album was Keep It
    Comin', an R&B chart-topper at the end of 1991, whose title track was another number one R&B hit. From then on, his
    profile slowly dipped, but he maintained a devoted following while recording the occasional contemporary set,
    including Get Up on It (1994), Keith Sweat (1996), Still in the Game (1998). Didn't See Me Coming (2000), Rebirth
    (2002), Just Me (an R&B chart-topper in 2008), Ridin' Solo (2010), and 'Til the Morning (2011). Two albums recorded
    with Gerald LeVert and Johnny Gill, billed as LSG (and released in 1997 and 2003), were considerably successful,
    and he also produced a handful of '90s acts (Silk, Kut Klose, Ol' Skool, Dru Hill). During the 2000s, he hosted a
    syndicated radio program called The Sweat Hotel and starred in the Centric channel's reality program Keith Sweat's
    Platinum House, in which he facilitated a turbulent Dru Hill reunion.

    Album Review

    Compared to 2010’s Ridin’ Solo, ‘Til the Morning features considerably less use of Auto-Tune, but Keith Sweat links
    up with the device’s greatest beneficiary, T-Pain. Ironically, T-Pain was in diapers when Sweat was using vocal
    effects, and on their collaboration here, the excessively garbled “In the Middle,” the latter sounds like a
    featured guest, not the headliner. “Knew It All Along,” a drifting ballad featuring LSG mates Johnny Gill and the
    late Gerald Levert, and the fine Coko (SWV) duet “My Valentine” are the only other songs with featured vocal spots.
    However, Sweat is once again assisted by so many (sometimes credited) background singers that one can drop into the
    album at various points, listen for a few seconds, and hear nothing but other voices. The occasionally pleasing
    album is mostly slow jam territory with functional and tasteful productions that are sometimes enhanced with low-
    key synthesizer work.

    Track Listing

    1. Candy Store
    2. Knew It All Along Feat. Johnny Gill & Gerald Levert
    3. High as the Sun
    4. Lady de Jour
    5. Make You Say Ooh
    6. To the Middle Feat. T-Pain
    7. Ring Size
    8. 'Til the Morning
    9. Open Invitation
    10. One on One
    11. My Valentine Feat. Coko of SWV
    12. Getaway
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    With a surname like Sweat he surely can't be cool.......
    'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.

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    ...and the song aint cool neither!

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