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    Default The Dreaming - Puppet

    online listen
    bordeline metal = borderline like and buy, including the first single and clip
    some Muse sounding stuff here
    best was End In Tears

    from the album - Every Trace

    released Nov 1st, 2011


    Album Review

    Formed in Los Angeles, the band consists of vocalist Christopher Hall, former frontman of platinum-selling artist
    Stabbing Westward along with former Stabbing Westward , Econoline Crush drummer Johnny Haro, guitarists Ryan
    Seelbach, Eric Griffin formerly of The Murder Dolls & Genitorturers, Martin Kelly from Living Dead Lights on Bass

    The album is a fresh uplifting 80s combination of new wave and heavy rock sounds with a modern twist. It is a very
    enjoyable musical listening experience that sticks with you after the album is over. No mainstream , simply
    inventive and totally refreshing. The lead and excellent single Every Trace gave a great glimpse of the atmosphere
    for the album.

    The songs are driven by a predominant frantic keyboard line, creative heavy guitar riffs that work in unison with
    an awesome beat delivered by the drum playing . Chris’ passionate and powerful vocals and the energizing vibe are
    the highlights of the album.

    The album ‘s stand-out tracks are Breathing, Every Trace, Stitches ,Hole (featuring Black Veil Brides guitarist
    Jinxx), End In Tears, Too late and Always and Never. The melodies are both highly haunting and catchy. The hooks
    are clearly obvious at the first listen. I love the piano part by Black Veil Brides guitarist Jinx in Hole. Every
    Trace features a strong pounding rhythm section that appeals to you immediately.

    My favorite is by far End In Tears that would be an excellent follow-up to Every Trace and for sure, an upcoming
    hit on Active and Alternative Rock Charts. The dreamy melody and upbeat riffs make this song an anthem.

    In conclusion, you will not disappointed. The Dreaming ‘s Puppet is an album that deserves a place in your music
    library. It is recommended to everyone who is looking for something different.

    Track Listing

    1. Puppet
    2. Every Trace
    3. Breathing
    4. There Will Be Blood
    5. End in Tears
    6. Fight for You
    7. Stitches
    8. It's No Good
    9. Hole
    10. Solo Crucifixion
    11. Too Late
    12. Always and Forever
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    I Need any sample link- Can you share? wanna listen this once.

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