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Thread: Brite Futures - Dark Past

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    Default Brite Futures - Dark Past

    online listen
    this one squeaks by on the strengh of 2 tracks
    first one is the clip, assuming it's the single, and a good one
    reminds me of Weezer
    other is the last one
    overall a bit synth heavy

    from the album - Too Young To Kill

    released Nov 1st, 2011

    from all music


    Brite Futures, formerly known as Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, play electro pop with a big wink. Classmates at the
    Seattle arts-focused high school the Center School, Luke Smith and Shaun Libman formed the group in 2005 around the
    only instruments they knew how to play at the time, keyboards and drum machines. By that December, fellow Center
    School mates David Price (keyboard/guitar/vocals) and Claire England (vocals/bass/keyboard) joined the lineup as
    the group played its first major gig, the grand opening of 826seattle, and Liam Downey Jr. followed soon after as
    drummer. By fall 2007, the band played Seattle arts and music festival Bumbershoot and raised its profile thanks to
    an interview with SPIN. Their full-length debut, Glistening Pleasure, arrived the following summer on their own
    Team Swam label, as they embarked on tours with CSS, the Go! Team, and Matt & Kim. By mid-2010 they became Brite
    Futures, explaining the old name had run its course, and offering an absurd farewell to Natalie Portman via video
    mashup. Their first recording as Brite Futures, the album Dark Past, followed in September 2011.

    Album Review

    Brite Futures used to be called Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head and, much like their name, the music they played was
    silly and a little bit over the top. With the new name and a few years of growing up, the band has refined its
    goofy -- sometimes too much so -- approach into something much more immediate and unabashedly pop. Also, something
    much better. Their debut album as Brite Futures, Dark Past is a 30-minute blast of danceable, singalong-able good-
    time modern pop music that dares you not to smile from beginning to end. The songs bounce and groove with an energy
    that is impossible to ignore, the hooks and choruses are hugely hooky and chorusy, and almost every song sounds
    like a perfect world radio hit. Built around a limber rhythm section, wiry guitars, and cheesy synths, the band’s
    sound is light and tough at the same time, a simple but surprising blend of indie pop, new wave, and dance-pop that
    sounds like Daft Punk, Junior Senior, and Hellogoodbye all at the same time. Maybe some Black Kids too. A little
    Walter Meego, even if you don't remember them. Basically any band that blends insistent tempos, a healthy dose of
    goofiness, and a bit of tenderness into its party mix. A lot of bands that try this sound fall flat in the vocal
    department, but not Brite Futures. Co-lead vocalists and band founders Luke Smith and Shaun Libman trade off turns
    in the spotlight, each guy having an ideal snotty, spunky, and fun vocal style. Add in Claire England's sweet
    vocals and the singing is impressively powerful throughout. Honestly, though, everything from Smith's surehanded
    production down to the packaging is impressive. Dark Past features almost no seriousness, no moments of
    introspection, and an almost frightening amount of giddiness. It may not be for everyone, but if you like your pop
    perfectly meaning-free and as fun as possible, Brite Futures might be just what you are looking for.

    Track Listing

    1. Baby Rain
    2. Kissed Her Sister
    3. Too Young To Kill
    4. Jag in the Jungle
    5. Best Party
    6. Winterlude
    7. Tell It to Me
    8. Cosmic Horn
    9. Test of Time
    10. Black Wedding
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    i guess that 99% of the time i like the links you post MH....but sadly not on this occasion

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    Their name sounds like a cross between a horror movie and a domestic cleaning agent!
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