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from the album - Where I'm From

released Nov 1st, 2011

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Growing up in Oxnard, CA, with many other of the people who ended up on the Stones Throw label, Nick Rodriguez, aka
Medaphoar (and later, MED), grew up in a musical family, and by age 9 he was freestyling to entertain his parents.
By junior high he was writing his own rhymes, and by high school he was something of a local celebrity. Looking for
beats one day, Medaphoar went to the house of Otis Jackson, Jr., or Madlib, who was impressed by the MC's skills
and invited him into his crew, Lootpack, as an unofficial member. After hearing his appearances on the group's 1999
full-length Soundpieces: Da Antidote!, Stones Throw head Peanut Butter Wolf asked Medaphoar to join his label, and
soon he was featured on many of the roster's releases, including Quasimoto's, Madlib's, and Madvillain's. The
rapper, who was at this time going by simply MED, finally released his solo debut, Push Comes to Shove, in 2005.
The follow-up, 2011’s Classic, would feature special guests Talib Kweli, Aloe Blacc, and Hodgy Beats.

Album Review

Showing a bit of growth and a lot more understanding of the album format, M.E.D.’s sophomore release for the Stones
Throw label is a serious step up for the rapper who’s always an asset on the mike, yet you’d be hard-pressed to
find listeners who would declare him their favorite. Check the serviceable rhymes on “Int’l” and you’ll hear that
the funky Georgia Anne Muldrow production is the real reason your head is bobbing, while the highlight title cut
sounds like M.E.D. adjusting to a Talib Kweli cut, even if the mighty TK is only a guest. Still, M.E.D.'s the
M.A.N. when it comes to covering Stones Throw-styled soul with rhymes that please both backpackers and street kids,
and as the album goes from a set of tracks from well-revered producers -- including the fine “War & Love” from the
Alchemist -- to a nine-track run of Madlib productions, it’s an interesting transition from mixtape style to the
world of Madlib’s DJ-oriented, 12-volume series called Medicine Show. Add the Aloe Blacc feature “Where I’m From”
and faithful fans of the neo-soul underground should consider this a necessary acquisition.

Track Listing

1. INT'L
2. Where I'm From Feat. Aloe Blacc
3. Too Late
4. War & Love Feat. Oh No
5. Classic Feat. Talib Kweli
6. Get That Feat. POK
7. JWF8. Roll Out Feat. Planet Asia & Kurupt
9. Blaxican
10. Outta Control Feat. Hodgy Beats
11. Flying High
12. Medical Card
13. 1 Life 2 Live
14. Mystical Magical