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Thread: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds "noel gallagher's high flying birds"

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    Default Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds "noel gallagher's high flying birds"

    this self titled debut set by the ex-principle writer/guitarist and occasional vocalist of Brit-Pop band Oasis, is back proving that he dont need that obnoxious brat and younger brother,Liam hanging round.
    some real good Oasis-esque tracks here including two shelved Oasis ones(now re-recorded) in "(i wanna live in a dream in my)Record Machine" and "stop the clocks".elsewher, there are several acoustic Kinks sounding ones also and believe it or not even one that comes close to being called disco in "AKA:what a life!".
    so i guess that this offers nothing new to attract new fans, but does maintain a flow of decent tracks!

    all in all a fairly good album,its not great but it is quite good.

    rating: 2.2


    my two favourite tracks below!

    the death of you and me *** audio

    soldier boys and jesus freaks *** audio
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    I like what I hear but I still think they're both snot-nosed little brats.
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    It's a good album, but it's not great. Noel doesn't have a voice worthy of singing a whole album.

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