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released Oct 25th, 2011

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John McCauley, the songwriter behind the Deer Tick moniker, grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, where he began his
career by teaching himself to play drums, guitar, piano, and pedal steel. McCauley started recording his own
compositions and touring the area while still in high school, and he widened his circle after graduation by touring
the entire country. Although he'd often perform solo, the young musician also began piecing together a proper band,
occasionally playing as a duo with drummer Dennis Ryan or with a small group. His music fit loosely into the alt-
country category, but his vocals -- rough, raw, and ragged -- brought a wealth of rock and grunge influences to the
sound. Following the September 2007 release of his first CD, War Elephant, McCauley's Deer Tick project began
earning comparisons to Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse, and Uncle Tupelo. Although originally released via FEOW! Records,
War Elephant was reissued in late 2008 by Partisan Records. Deer Tick remained with that label during the course of
two follow-up albums, 2009's Born on Flag Day and 2010's The Black Dirt Sessions. The band’s fourth studio outing,
Divine Providence, arrived the following year, and featured 12 rowdy and raucous originals that drew inspiration
from the raw power of the Stones and the Stooges.

Album Review

The fourth full-length studio album from singer/songwriter John McCauley's ragged, lo-fi, alt-country, indie rock
outfit Deer Tick sounds more like the band that occasionally devotes entire sets to Nirvana under the “Deervana”
moniker than it does the folksy, garage-bound hybrid of Nebraska-era Springsteen and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
that appeared on earlier albums. Recorded in the band’s hometown of Providence, Rhode Island, Divine Providence
sounds like last call and feels like the morning after, offering up 12 slabs of Stooges and Stones-inspired raw
power that celebrate the sweet lows and fleeting highs of being young, numb, and full of rum in a blue-collar town
with nothing to lose. Closer in tone to the band’s raucous live shows, Deer Tick channel Damaged-era Black Flag on
“The Bump” and “Let’s All Go to the Bar,” mid-period Spoon on “Main Street” and “Make Believe,” and a less self-
aware, Hold Steady on “Chevy Express” and “Something to Brag About,” resulting in their loosest, wildest, and most
honest collection of Saturday night/Sunday morning pining/drinking songs to date.

Track Listing

1. The Bump
2. Funny Word
3. Let's All Go to the Bar
4. Clownin' Around
5. Main Street
6. Chevy Express
7. Something to Brag About
8. Walkin' Out the Door
9. Make Believe
10. Now It's Your Turn
11. Electric
12. Miss K