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    Default Body Language - Social Studies

    a bit synth/techno heavy overall for me
    but that title track sure is catchy
    loses a little sound quality with the live clip, but gives a better feel for the group I think
    could catch on if that's released as a single

    from the album - Social Studies

    released Oct 18th, 2011

    from all music


    Retro-minded Brooklyn club act Body Language take ‘80s soul and electro and deliver it with a futuristic slant,
    much like Deee-Lite, Chromeo, or Jamiroquai. Backed by party promoters CassetteNYC and Percussionlab, the band
    (Grant Wheeler, Matt Young, Ian Chang, and Ms. Angelica Bess) built up a solid fan base playing shows in N.Y.C.,
    before Moodgadget Records released the group's Speaks EP in 2009. The band's first album, Social Studies, came out
    in late 2011 on Om records.

    Album Review

    Body Language may be the kind of name that provides the band with an instant uphill battle to wage, but the opening
    notes of their debut album, Social Studies, are enough to win over anyone who likes their electro pop as warm as a
    bubble bath. The richly bubbling synths, the intertwined vocals of Angelica Bess, Grant Wheeler, and Matthew Young,
    and the laid-back, chunky beats on “You Can” are like soothing sonic honey, and his sticky sweetness carries
    through the whole album, as even the more upbeat tracks make you feel gently caressed by sound. The layered synths
    and hazy atmospheres fit in snugly with chillwavers like Neon Indian, the tricky vocal harmonies and melodies
    aren’t miles away from the buttoned-down, weird pop of Vampire Weekend or Dirty Projectors, and the underlying
    sense of adventurism places them nearby Panda Bear or Passion Pit. The majority of the album lives in this sweet
    spot of sparkling oddball pop, with Bess' vocals and the strength of the hooks (especially on the lovely “Holiday”
    and the title track) giving the group a leg up on the competition. Where they really come into their own is on the
    tracks that boost the tempo and add a little bite to the sound. The stomping, almost snarling "We Got Enough" and
    the slinky, disco pop groover "Falling Out" sound less like the sum of their influences and more like a band
    letting loose and finding an identity, and these songs will have you heading for the nearest dancefloor. Social
    Studies is an impressive debut, and if at times it sounds a little derivative, it is never less than enjoyable.
    Sometimes, like on “You Can” or “Falling Out,” it even gets a little wonderful.

    Track Listing

    1. You Can
    2. Falling Out
    3. Social Studies
    4. Tempoture
    5. Seeds of Sight
    6. Running
    7. We Got Enough
    8. Holiday
    9. You Can
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    thanks for this one.....not a bad link MH,certainly not anywhere near a great song, but held my attention enough to keep my radar out on them!

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